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STUCK OUT // Announce New EP & Share New Single

Melbourne’s Stuck Out has announced their release of their second EP Lie Through Your Teeth, out December 18 through Greyscale Records/Sharptone Records.

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In a statement, the band explained the EP to be inspired by the consequences of lying to others, ourselves and in turn, being lied to.

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“When we approached this EP, we wanted to create something that translated into our high energy live performances. This has resulted in an aggressive, powerful yet polished sound that we believe is our best release to date.” says frontman Josh Walker.

To celebrate the news, the band has shared its first single Mindless, featuring vocals from the absolute powerhouse that is Mikaila Delgado of Yours Truly.

Walker went on to discuss the meaning of the track saying, “This song is based around conversations I’ve had with people close to me regarding racism, sexism and a range of humanitarian issues. Mindless is about calling your friends out for their shitty comments and rebuking the excuses they use to justify the vitriol that comes out of their mouth. Everyone has a choice to either speak up against injustice or let it pass without reply.”

“The end of the song is to illustrate that nobody’s perfect, myself in particular, but the important thing is that you continue to educate yourself and work to become a better ally for every person on this planet.”

Since the release of their 2018 debut You Won’t Come Home, the four piece has toured with the likes of As It Is, With Confidence, The Story So Far and Senses Fail. They were also the very first band to play at the iconic Good Things Festival.

Lie Through Your Teeth is available for pre-order now.

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