About Hysteria

Hysteria is a unique and unorthodox voice that knows when to shout and knows when to sing. We don’t just want to entertain music fans on a global scale—we want to show them sides of their favourite artists they’ve never seen before. We do this because we think we can do it better than anyone else. We do it because we think our voice can carry over a million-strong crowd of imitators. Hysteria lives because it’s given form by real people, not rock caricatures or clichés. This is why Hysteria is and will continue to be.


Hysteria is a fiercely loyal team of journalists, photographers and editorial staff who believe in the the masthead, the meaning of it all. They believe in what Hysteria represents—honesty in rock music and the boldness of alternative culture. Hysteria is the desire in all of us to deviate from the norm.  We commit ourselves to finding the best stories and provide the most daring rock and alternative lifestyle coverage.


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Joey McGahey—Editor in Chief

Brooke Dorratt—Creative Director