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RedHookSentimental Surgery

24th September, 2021
Certified Banger!

Sydney’s RedHook is serving up a dose of serotonin with their latest track Sentimental Surgery—because really, who needs another sad song about the pandemic?

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It follows on from their standout EP, Bad Decisions, which saw the band ‘boldly colour outside of the lines of normal’.

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Unsurprisingly, they’ve maintained this trend, again donning their witches hats to craft a magical, genre-bending potion. And while Sentimental Surgery is easily their poppiest to date, it is anything but bubblegum sweet. Funk rhythms with a nostalgic 90s edge and emo-trap moments anchor Sentimental Surgery and will no doubt make it the unofficial anthem for every Emo Nite ever.

RedHook has once again delivered the goods. To borrow some words from our dinosaur speaking teenage selves, Sentimental Surgery we RAWR xD you.

Thematically, the Sydneysiders have worn their love for noughties rock on their rubber bracelet clad sleeves. And in classic RedHook fashion, they’ve done it with a smattering of self-deprecating humour. It’s what Mack and co. do best, and lines like “I’m a fucking emo cliche” will take you right back to your teen years. Had Sentimental Surgery existed in that era, we would’ve proudly sprawled its lyrics all over our MySpace pages.

By buddying up with the dream team of producer Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, Trophy Eyes), and James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underoath), RedHook has once again delivered the goods. To borrow some words from our dinosaur speaking teenage selves, Sentimental Surgery we RAWR xD you.

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