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10th September, 2021
A Total Triumph!

Get in LOSER; we’re going back to the 2000’s with All The Rage.

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It’s the second LP from the Melbourne based band, and it’s full of so many wins. 

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It kicks off with Head First – a high-energy number and the perfect first course to the bounciness that’ll follow. The quartet has made no secret of their appreciation of Green Day, Weezer and Australia’s Powderfinger, and the influence of these bands is clear. All The Rage is chock full of grunge, alt-rock, pop-punk and indie melodies, and it’ll have you reminiscing on the best moments from your teenage years (the great tunes and memories, not the awkwardness and acne obviously). 

All The Rage is a rip-roaring good time. LOSER deserves a gold medal for this one.

That said, the introspective, personal lyricism on offer does enough to give the record that unique edge. Frontman Tim Maxwell, who’s used to hiding behind metaphor with his words, came roaring right out of his comfort zone on this record. And as such, All The Rage is sure to feel like a warm hug (and a bit of an escape) to anyone struggling to deal with the world around them right now. On The Edge is not only a standout track, but a stellar example of this, with Maxwell admitting he broke down in the studio during its recording.

In a massive part, the LP’s personality can be attributed to both the band’s DIY production in their own Restless Noise Studios and their partnership with Anton Hagog (Powderfinger). Ultimately, LOSER has crafted a whole set of stadium-ready tracks. Although for now, we’ll have to settle for belting them out in our bedrooms. All The Rage is a rip-roaring good time. LOSER deserves a gold medal for this one.

STANDOUT TRACKS: On The Edge, Skyward, So
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Green Day, Powderfinger, Weezer

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