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RedHookBad Decisions (EP)

23rd April, 2021
redhook hysteria
Confessional Anthems

Well, hasn’t this one been a long time coming! RedHook has thrown about an exhilarating blend of rap-rock, EDM and pop-punk for the last three years.

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From Turn Up The Stereotype to Fake, the trio has proven crafting a killer track is in their blood. They had high expectations to meet. But their debut EP, Bad Decisions, has only managed to raise the bar further.

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What you’ll find here is six tracks laced with emotion, chronically a spiral through one’s mental health. And while they’ve made a name for themselves as genre-benders, the Sydneysiders have shown they’ve still got some tricks up their sleeves. Record opener I Don’t Keep Up manages to sneak in a toe-tapping sax solo. Alien shows front-woman Emmy Mack at her most vulnerable, ripping our heartstrings to shreds in the process. And the back and forth with Will King of Windwaker on Kamikaze is nothing short of a pure, sonic onslaught. 

Bad Decisions is a heart-on-the-sleeve, eclectic offering from a band boldly colouring outside of the lines of normal.

Hatred, mania, depression and acceptance are all on display here. So it comes as no surprise that Bad Decisions is both infectious and painfully relatable. It shines for its raw, confessional anthems, which will undoubtedly become a safe haven for misfits, fuckups and freaks everywhere. On their debut EP, RedHook has given genre-norms a kick to the curb. Bad Decisions is a heart-on-the-sleeve, eclectic offering from a band boldly colouring outside of the lines of normal. Whatever game-changing decision they make next, we’ll be here for it.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Kamikaze, Bad Decisions, Alien
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