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VermontMature Minds For Overzealous Kids

15th July, 2022
vermont hysteria
Certified Bangers!

Melbourne’s Vermont has long held the alt-rock swagger of the 90s and the emo of the early 2000s close to their hearts.

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And on their latest offering, Mature Minds For Overzealous Kids, they’ve let those influences shine through. Thankfully, they’ve put a contemporary spin on the existing framework, keeping things fresh.

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The EP is a modern, polished take on two old faithful sounds, and it features six epic tunes. Take Headlights, the angsty dance floor anthem of our dreams, which proves just how much Vermont can push the envelope. With its industrial-pop beats, it packs one hell of a punch. There’s also the tug on the heartstrings Numb – elevated by its bucketloads of emotion and the vocal performance of Joshua Swanwick.

Vermont has proven themselves kings of the alt-rock playground on Mature Minds For Overzealous Kids, an EP that’ll stick with you long after its final note.

Memories is yet another highlight and proudly flies the nostalgic emo flag, nodding to the likes of Silverstein and Oz legends, The Getaway PlanFinally, we’ve got to shout out the EP closer, Faceless. Aside from its soaring melodies, it sees the band flex their songwriting muscles, delivering their introspective best—truly a powerhouse of a track in every way. Vermont has proven themselves kings of the alt-rock playground on Mature Minds For Overzealous Kids, an EP that’ll stick with you long after its final note.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Headlights, Numb, Faceless
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