outright hysteria
outright hysteria

OutrightKeep You Warm

Reason and Rage Records
15th July, 2022
Hard Hitting!

Over the past decade the Melbourne based punk outfit Outright have made quite a name for themselves amongst niche metal crowds.

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With a unique style that sees genres such as grindcore, thrash metal and punk all intertwined into one, Outright are a group who may be too off-brand and outside the norm’s of popular metal styles to be embraced by the likes of Triple J and other mainstream outlets, but for the diehard punters of the metal community, their most recent LP Keep You Warm will be revered for years to come. 

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Much like the group, it’s an album that doesn’t try to fit into a specific style or sound. For instance, The Hammer dabbles in 80’s esque trash stylings whilst Linchpin features black metal inspired blast-beats and brutal groove-laden breakdowns. Although, whilst the group’s new sound varies greatly when it comes to style or genre, it is all married together in a way that makes it unapologetically authentic to Outright’s beloved sound.

Outright has always stayed true to their sound, regardless of what the current metal trends are.

In particular when it comes to the powerful vocals of Jelena Goluza, who spits her lyrics with unmatchable aggression. Except for in The Call, which impressively see’s Goluza strip back her approach to dabble in Chelsea Wolfe darkwave feelings as her slow grimey whispers that build naturally into screams. As a group, Outright has always stayed true to their sound, regardless of what the current metal trends are. Keep You Warm is no exception, with the group’s second full length seeing the Melbourne based outfit redefining the eclectic sound that Melbourne crowds first fell in love with.

STANDOUT TRACKS: The Hammer, Linchpin, The Call
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