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20th August, 2021
Hard Hitting!

After a four year hiatus and a change in lineup, Convex has returned with a bang, dropping a knockout new tune.

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It’s called Worn, and it shows just how much the band has matured in their time away.

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Syncopated instrumentation, short and snappy riffs mixed with pinch harmonics and bloody good breakdowns define the track. They create a vibrant and slightly ominous soundscape that, when paired with the potent vocals of Chris Dunn, will have heavy music fans everywhere bursting out in a resounding YES. 

While the track is a celebration of modern metalcore, there’s also a bit of an old school metal feel to it, which will undoubtedly encourage you, and your dad, to headbang to your heart’s content.

Worn is a sophisticated, slickly produced number that’s taken Convex’s sound to the next level.

Lyrically, Worn is all about chaos and was inspired by both the band’s personal experiences and the world around them. What impresses us the most is how Convex has brought this vibe across with their melodies alone—a huge testament to their skill.

It is clear their break did Convex a world of good. Worn is a sophisticated, slickly produced number that’s taken their sound to the next level. And it’s also proof of just how much the Port Macquarie natives have grown. If they keep dropping tracks of this calibre, the world will be their oyster.

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