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UNIFIED MUSIC GROUP X CROWBAR // Collab For Epic Music & Wine Project

UNIFIED Music Group and Crowbar have announced their collaborative music and wine project, Built To Spill Wine.

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Music fans and wine lovers alike will be able to purchase a tasty selection of wines from across the globe. The project will also give musicians the chance to work with some of Australia’s best natural winemakers, and craft the bottle of their dreams.

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The launch comes with details of the first partnership, between goon and The Chats– yep, you read that right!

“Take your clothes off the line and get ready to peg a few silver pillows on, because BTSW has put together a box of the finest goon with The Chats and Delinquente Wine Co. Encased in the most primo cardboard, with some pictures by local legend Struthless, this is the perfect accompaniment to your Pub Feed, your Smoko, or to make you feel better about getting The Clap.” said the legends behind Built To Spill Wine in a statement. “This is white goon made with a bunch of all natural, happy grapes chucked together, fermented wild and bugger all other stuff added except for a bit of sulphur just to Keep the Grubs Out. Save up your Bus Money or go halves with a mate, being the equivalent of two bottles in one glorious box, it is such good value you won’t even have to Dine n Dash. Beauty.”

The lives and business paths of Unified and Crowbar have been linked for over two decades, so this collab has been a long time coming! Wine connoisseurs will also be happy to know that the Crowbar’s own Tai Tate, who has over 15 years experience in wine and fine dining, will be bringing his expert knowledge to the project.

“We are excited to expose the whole country to a new wealth of talent in both wine and music, to push the boundaries of creativity and collaboration, to pair the old guard with the new school, and maybe find common ground between the established and the up and comers.” he says.

All BTSW releases will be natural, meaning they’ll enjoy a wild ferment and contain minimal sulphur and no corrective additives. The collab with The Chats is available now, with a second announcement to follow next week. If the Crowbar team’s partnerships with the likes of WAAX, Northlane and Josh Pyke are anything to go by, we’ll be in for a real treat!

Catch all the details of the release (and snap up some cheeky discounts) at the official Built To Spill Wine website.

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