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Superdose GangwayCeramic (Single)

9th October, 2020
Certified Banger

Superdose Gangway has mastered the art of crafting killer tunes and their latest offering, Ceramic is no exception.

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The South-Australian quintet’s last EP Temple Bay dropped in 2018, championing a “twinkly, mid-western emo meets pop-punk” sound; something undoubtedly strengthened by the years spent on the road with the likes of Tigers Jaw, Signals Midwest, Ceres and Zen Haircuts. Ceramic builds on this soundscape, whilst also adding some sludgy post-grunge to the mix. 

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The result is their heaviest work yet; and it’s only enhanced by its darker, lyrical content inspired by addiction, mental health, love and death. As far as the band themselves go, Ceramic houses one of their most frantic performances to date. Crushing melodies follow guitarists Ben Finnis and Sam Morris, bassist Bonnie Aué and drummer Craig Burns, adding that extra bit of intensity to the track. Frontman, and synth-lord, Max Tulysewski delivers an exceptionally strong performance, desperation dripping off lines like “I’m fucking pinned against the wall.”

Ceramic keeps the energy high, and the emotions even higher. It is solid proof of the bright future the band has ahead of them.

Superdose Gangway presented themselves as masters of their sound on Temple Bay and upped the bouncy, pop-punk factor on their last single Demerit. As impressive as they were then, Ceramic has shown that they’d only begun to scratch the surface of what they were capable of. Ceramic keeps the energy high, and the emotions even higher. It is solid proof of the bright future the band has ahead of them and is sure to take them to stages all over Australia—when we can gig again of course!

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