letterbomb ad hysteria
letterbomb ad hysteria

Letterbomb A.D.Dystopia (Single)

23rd September, 2020
Hard Hitting!

Port Macquarie extreme metal/chaotic hardcore act Letterbomb A.D. are making a dent in the scene with their explosive new single Dystopia.

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Fitting of the bands very specific genre labelling, the new single takes a more experimental approach than many other hardcore acts, with distorted, heavy guitar work rippling across the tracks opening, followed by some devastating drums and harsh growls, mixed together to make an undeniably extreme track.

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While their more mathcore-inspired sound certainly stands out from most heavy bands, their message is a familiar one for heavy music–the destruction of the human race, and by our own hands no less. With lyrics like “The air reeks with the smell of death”, it’s clear that Letterbomb A.D. are painting a dark picture. The track’s lyrics centre around the idea that time is running out for humanity on a whole, and how our apathic approach to bettering ourselves is akin to having a hand around our own throats–brining forth our own demise.

… it’s clear that Letterbomb A.D. are painting a dark picture.

Of course, heavy lyrics like that have to bring some heavy instrumentals, and this extreme genre-fusion don’t disappoint. The screeching and erratic guitars reminiscent of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan highlight the lower bass tones, coming together with the thumping drums and heavy vocals to create an eerily heavy track. While the track grabs your attention in an instant, the shift from experimental riffs to more direct chanting towards the end throws away the track’s flourishes for a more straightforward message: “The clock’s ticking and it never slows/and now your hands are around my throat.” Though the relatively young band still have some way to come in polishing their sound, Dystopia is a solid extreme mathcore track that should surprise at least a few listeners and keep people keen for what’s next from the Port Macquarie three-piece.

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