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Jack R.ReillyMiddle Everything

Lost Boy Records
8th October, 2020
Certified Bangers

In the complete chaos that has been 2020, Jack R. Reilly has brought some serenity with his debut LP Middle Everything.

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It follows on from the Video Tapes and Pursuing Balance EPs, released in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Like the EPs, Middle Everything is comforting and warm, like a dose of sunshine or the embrace of a loved one. 

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Reilly moves through the spectrum of his emotions on the LP, expressing them both in a minimalistic and more extravagant manner. Middle Everything begins with Shaking For Now, a track inspired by the management of anxiety and depressive moods, brought together by meditative lyricism and a richly layered soundscape.

Middle Everything is emotive, indie rock at its finest.

Blood and Into The Fire bring a rougher, punk-like edge to the table and are awash in frustration and angst. Mellow tracks like Old Guard are just as hard-hitting, housing lyrics that drip with self-doubt like “I’ll starve myself hollow so you see my muscles and I can feel more like a man.” Studio collaborations with long-time producer Jonno Tooke (of Cry Club) undoubtedly did Reilly the world of good, adding that extra bit of intensity to his already angelic tones whilst also strengthening his already impressive lyricism. On his debut LP, Jack R.Reilly has displayed the calibre of his song-writing; an impressive feat when considering his limited tenure as a musician. Middle Everything is emotive, indie rock at its finest, and proof that he has a very bright future ahead of him.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Shaking For Now, I Don’t Like To See Us Like This, Old Guard
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