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Some Heard TroubleHivemind (Single)

3rd October, 2021
Certified Banger!

It’s becoming really evident how pivotal groups like Alpha Wolf and Northlane have been on the current landscape of Australian metal.

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Once distinctly separate sub-genres like djent, nü metal and metalcore are now commonly merged together, almost so frequently that it feels like the birth of ‘nü metalcore’.

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But as with any new genre that emerges, there are trailblazers and those that are influenced by them.

Some Heard Trouble are closer to the latter.

With the group incorporating unique elements like three vocalists, Hivemind could well have been one of the most refreshing ‘nü metalcore’ tracks released in a while. The Melbourne based outfit appears to have leaned more towards scene expectations, comfortably trying to slot into the sound and style popularised by groups like Alpha Wolf. 

It’s an approach which can often be detrimental. By aiming for the ‘current’ sound, groups can often create limitations to the longevity of their song’s cycle. In the case of Hivemind, it’s the addition of Crossfaithesque electronic elements, which are added in between the rhythmic intervals and much like the disco-synth in early 2000’s AFI or the dubstep breakdown in Nicki Minaj’s Starships, won’t be seen as ‘cool’ in five years time.

Some Heard Trouble have all the components that could easily make them one of the next acts spearheading the scene

Some Heard Trouble are up and comers and their sound could go anywhere from here. While Hivemind may not break the mould, it certainly shows potential that as a group, they can.

Cameron Brown’s vocals stray away from brutal gutturals and instead hold a raw and vulnerable tone which bounce perfectly between rapid, technical, and impressive fills on both drums and guitar. As well as that, the use of three vocalists, if done well can add layers that most bands employ a guest vocalist to achieve.

Some Heard Trouble have all the components that could easily make them one of the next acts spearheading the scene, but they have to back themselves first. If future releases see the group honing in on their individualities and trying to differ their sound from their influences’, there’s no telling where they could end up.

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