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Drastic ParkSnakes and Ladders (Single)

16th September, 2022
Certified Banger!

Thanks to Drastic Park, we’ll now only accept our pop-punk with a side of bants.

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Their latest track, Snakes and Ladders, is a self-proclaimed anthem for their fans and anyone who’s experienced being cut down by another.

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But, in classic DP fashion, it’s a little cheeky. And with touches like the “you suck” taunt that kicks things off, it also acts as a love letter to their haters. As the title suggests, life is compared to a game of snakes and ladders here, but the positive spin the band have placed on this is what sets this track apart.

Snakes and Ladders is a blast of a track, and it’s guaranteed to propel Drastic Park right into the punk-rock stratosphere.

Here, the trio has encouraged their trashposting army (IYKYK) to keep on climbing and accept criticism as they chase their dreams. This message is set to a soundtrack of nostalgic, fast-paced pop-punk. There are nods to the likes of A Day to Remember (circa 2009), with a coupla screams thrown in for an extra good time. The band has also pulled the old switcheroo with gentle piano chords at the track’s closing, adding that extra bit of surprise. But one of our favourite aspects of Snakes and Ladders is its dual vocalism. It’s sure to incite a whole lot of call and response crowd participation at gigs, as will lines like “so keep your heart on your sleeve, speak freely and embrace the hate cause it’s feeding the flame.” Snakes and Ladders is a blast of a track, and it’s guaranteed to propel Drastic Park right into the punk-rock stratosphere. 

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