brave today hysteria
brave today hysteria

Brave TodayDark Passenger

8th October, 2021
Hard Hitting!

If Dark Passenger is being dropped as a stand alone single release, then Brave Today must have some epic things in the works.

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As a song that would be the standout on any EP or full length release, Dark Passenger showcases how well the juxtaposition can be between modern day hardcore and metalcore.

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As Ryan Touzell’s vocals maintain a tonal middle-ground between extreme gutturals and metalcore high’s, Brave Today’s overall sound feels rooted in hardcore. Although, the addition of heavy breakdowns and Miss May Iesque melodies maintain qualities that are undeniably linked to metalcore. Making the group’s newest single a refreshing listen for fans of any heavy genre (except maybe Glam). 

Dark Passenger will be sure to become a favourite on the Spotify metal charts.

With moments that’ll remind you of early Architects; profoundly emotive lyrics like “I’ve been running from my own shadows” and certain drum rolls that’ll get stuck in your head for days, Dark Passenger will be sure to become a favourite on the Spotify metal charts.

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