bad cop bad cop hysteria
bad cop bad cop hysteria

Bad Cop / Bad CopThe Ride

Fat Wreck Chords
19th July, 2020
Punk Rawk!

There doesn’t seem like a better time than now for a Los Angeles based quartet of experienced, pissed off and empowering women to re-emerge on the Fat Wreck Chords catalogue with their guns (AKA amplifiers) blazing along the path that’ll lead you towards the release of Bad Cop / Bad Cop’s forthcoming album titled The Ride

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While Regina George may have said, “Get in loser, we’re going shopping,” BCBC seems more likely to say something of the likes of: “Get in dude, we’re going to encourage you to self-love.”

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Get in and buckle up as guitarists Stacey Dee and Jennie Cotterill, bassist Linh Le and drummer Myra Gallarza drive us into their first delivery of self-love which comes in the opening track Originators and continues to transpire as a key theme throughout. Simple Girl, Community and I Choose (to) enhance these themes, while their tightly-knitted guitar riffs and captivating rhythm section will have those verses reverberating inside of your head until you’ve hit play on the full length album enough times to be able to sing along to most, if not all, of the tracks. 

During 2020, the year of unpredictability, these are lived experiences coming through in songs that we need to pay attention to.

Dee expresses her personal experiences within the melodically honest Breastless, while Le relieves her personal experiences about immigration in American during Certain Kind of Monster and Pursuit of Liberty. During 2020, the year of unpredictability, these are lived experiences coming through in songs that we need to pay attention to.

As they move through the 12-tracks with their skate-punk roots grinding throughout, it comes as a closing merit to Sing with Me until the final chords of the closing song have been strummed.  

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While we can look through the history of women in punk rock and make some notable mentions (so as to not lose focus, it’s probably best if you cite them yourselves), it would be worth honing in on what’s been happening within the West Coast punk-rock dynasty.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Take My Call, Community, Sing with Me.
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