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Written By WolvesPapercut

10th December, 2021
Certified Banger!

There’s a certain amount of pressure that comes with covering a band of Linkin Parks stature. 

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With their cutting edge sound, they’ve earned the right to be called one of the greatest acts of the 21st century. Not only that, they’ve influenced the sound of countless rock acts over the years, including New Zealand’s Written by Wolves. 

As a very welcome Christmas present (unlike the socks gifted from your Nan), the band have covered the Hybrid Theory hit, Papercut. And thankfully, they’ve done a damn good job of it, rising to the challenge and shining like the diamonds they are. The cinematic touches, electronic glitches, heavy riffs, air of paranoia, and everything that made the OG Papercut so incredible are all on offer here. This is not only testament to the timelessness of the track, but the insane skill of Written by Wolves, who’ve given the ultimate amount of respect and care to it.

With their music soundtracking the lives of the next generation, the kids will be left in very good hands.

Despite these similarities, the New Zealanders have breathed new life into Papercut, namely with the lung-busting vocals of Michael Murphy. Ultimately though, the entire band have performed their hearts out, making the impact of LPs melodies and lines abundantly clear. Many current music fans would name Linkin Park the band that changed it all, shaping them as humans. And with their immense amount of talent and passion for music, Written by Wolves are a band that genuinely have the ability to do the same. With their music soundtracking the lives of the next generation, the kids will be left in very good hands.

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