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Bullet For My ValentineBullet For My Valentine

Spinefarm/Search And Destroy
5th November, 2021
Bullet, innit

With billions of streams and fans all over the globe, Bullet For My Valentine has already marked their place in the history books of metal.

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2005’s The Poison put them on the map, leading to one successful work after the other. And while many might argue that Bullet has nothing left to prove, on their seventh LP, they’ve shown they still know how to surprise us.

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Their self-titled is Bullet as we’ve never heard them before. Here, the hard rock aficionados have crafted ten of their heaviest tracks to date, slamming harder than a fist to a punching bag. The LP kicks off with Parasite, and if you weren’t missing the sweaty embrace of a moshpit before, you sure as hell will be now. The track offers up a lucky dip assortment of some of their biggest hits, and long-term fans will froth the feature of Waking The Demon, Your Betrayal, Tears Don’t Fall and a host of others. 

A record best played at an ungodly level of loud.

Ultimately though, LP7 is not just a celebration of their past but also their future. To borrow some words from the Welsh lads themselves, it is brutal, heavy, and technical. The one criticism we do have is the length of the tracks. Tuck and co. have brought their all—and bucketloads of anger. But by shaving some time off, their self-titled would’ve been just that extra bit punchier.

Despite the two year break between albums, and the impacts of a global pandemic, Bullet has emerged as powerful as ever. And they’ve done it with a record best played at an ungodly level of loud.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Parasite, Shatter, Death By a Thousand Cuts
Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Atreyu

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