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SyngeSoma (Single)

29th April, 2022
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Sydney’s Synge is quickly becoming one of our favourite Oz up-and-comers.

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And with tracks like Soma, we’re sure they’ll become one of yours too. 

As magnetic as their debut offering, Soma features syncopated drumming, masssssive riffs, breakdowns and razor-sharp melodies—everything your metal heart could ask for. There’s also hard-hitting choruses. And the dual vocal attack of Ethan Davies and James Merkouris, which adds shades of light and dark to the track. Soma is bold and exudes the confidence of a band with decades of experience under their belt. It’s carefully composed too. And with Mark Williamson on board again, we can’t say we’re surprised.  Ultimately, his focus on production and mixing has helped all the different elements of Soma shine.  

Synge is a band primed and ready to explode. Make sure you’re there for when they do.

Synge has made no secret of their admiration for Architects, Northlane and Thornhill. But they’ve made Soma their own with their lyrics and avoided sounding like carbon copies of their heroes. This time they drew inspiration from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, specifically the discourse surrounding miracle happy drugs and human affliction. We reckon this has given them a creative edge and shown off their songwriting chops. There’s no magic spell that’s made Soma sound as good as it does. But its bruisingly heavy melodies, storytelling and inventive flourishes have certainly helped. Synge is a band primed and ready to explode. Make sure you’re there for when they do.

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