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22nd July, 2021
Hard Hitting!

After a quiet year, Sydney’s Synaescope is roaring out of the cage with their latest release, Unalone.

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Borrowing the best bits of old school metal, the EP offers up a take not often heard in the contemporary scene.

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With a soundscape built on grooves, juicy solos and riffs galore, Synaescope has really set themselves apart. But the band’s ultra relatable lyrics are the real phwoar moment in our eyes. Equal parts genuine and vitriolic, these five tracks are sure to slot right into your pissed off Spotify playlists. We thought we’d received all the angst we could take on their lead single, Consequences Are A Choice, but we were wrong! The quintet has turned the energy all the way up, making one powerful statement. 

Unalone is not only a triumphant release; it’s a bold step forward.

Having Warren Harding (vocals) and Luke Johnson (guitar) on production and engineering duty has also done the band a world of good. While it may have driven them crazy, it’s added a personal touch to the EP. And with the help of the remaining members and Tye Pennington and Chris Themelco, it’s made things that extra bit polished. After seven years in the business, Synaescope still know how to excite us. Despite multiple lineup changes and a global pandemic, they’ve managed to deliver something cohesive; and they’ve proven that being mad can sound pretty damn good. Unalone is not only a triumphant release; it’s a bold step forward. Now all that’s left to do is wait for it to hit the stage!

STANDOUT TRACKS: A Sense Of Vengeance, God Complex, Unalone
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