onslow hysteria


Greyscale Records
2nd July, 2021
Angsty, Experimental, Melodic & Harmonious

Onslow, composed of Make Them Suffer frontman Sean Harmanis, and Voyager guitarist, Scott Kay, have spent the last few months dropping one massive single after another.

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Since the April release of Let Me Rust, our expectations have been high. But the Perth melodic punkers have risen to the challenge, delivering a truly special debut EP.

halloween hysteria

There’s no fluffing about here. Saving Face is a high energy opener with distorted guitars and dynamic drums. And Harmanis has shown off his vocal range with powerhouse cleans and screams. You may as well call him R.L Stine cause he will give you goosebumps. Let Me Rust is richly textured, with lashes of angst taking it up a notch. Gauze is almost a little shoe-gazey. Limbs is emotive with phenomenal syncopated instrumentation. And then there’s our EP standout Freddie Mercury, which, with its sentimental, delicate approach has delivered the biggest hit.

When you debut with something this good, whatever follows is sure to be incredible. More, please!

There’s a whole lot to love on Onslow’s self-titled debut, and it will find a place in the hearts of heavy music fans all over the country. It’s angsty, experimental, melodic and harmonious, all in the space of five tracks. When you debut with something this good, whatever follows is sure to be incredible. More, please!

STANDOUT TRACKS: Let Me Rust, Gauze, Freddie Mercury
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halloween hysteria 2021

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