SOCIAL ANIMALS // New Single & Special Streaming Announcement.

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Social Animals has released an appropriate new single, Something to Keep Me Awake, in the lead up to a fourteen-hour live stream where the band will chat with their audience and write a new song, to give their fans a glimpse into their creative process and life on the road.

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Recorded in a pre-Covid world, Something to Keep Me Awake is a mid-tempo rocker in the style of the clash and the killers where synths, guitars and a four on the floor beat create a hopeful atmosphere. The lyrics call for the audience to not be resigned to despair in troubled times like these, but to find hope in even the things that hold you down, like writers block or stress.

“It’s hard to watch the news today without a Xanax bar. We recorded Something to Keep Me Awake with our friend Chris Carrabba in his home studio, and he adds some anger through his backing vocals throughout the track. It’s fitting, because if you’re not angry right now, you’re not listening.” Says Dedric Clark, the vocalist and guitarist for Social Animals.

“It’d be easier to sleep through it. But that simply isn’t an option. So, we’re not going to “wait until this blows over” to share this with you, because it shouldn’t just blow over. We need to sit with our situation and find out what really matters to us and how we can help.”

Social Animals will be hosting a fourteen-hour live stream on their YouTube channel and their website, paying homage to a fourteen-hour trip from Nashville to Minnesota that Dedric made. Over the exhaustive stream, the band will chat to their fans, playing some Nintendo games with them, and answering their questions.

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