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SkinNbonesForever On (Single)

30th July, 2020
Dad Rock Rules

On first listen, Forever On is your true blue, meat and three veg Aussie rock.

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But really, the track is a deep dive into an ode to mental health, and how a person’s struggle is part of their individuality and how it makes the world a more interesting place.

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The lyrics are captivating and it’s a unique take on a topic that many bands sing about, and many people experience. So many bands perform songs about mental health, but Forever On puts a positive spin on the dark subject. It’s about never accepting the way that you are, and always leaving room for personal growth. The rawness and passion in the vocals make it obvious that skinsNbones don’t take these matters lightly.

The energy never falters throughout Forever On.

The band said they recorded Forever On with minimal takes in the studio, leaving us with an unmanufactured, genuine sound that might be the closest thing we’ll get to a live show in the foreseeable future. It’s so rad that they decided to record it like this, it’s as if you can chuck it on and get transported to the pub with your mates to see a live show. With inspiration coming from the likes of AC/DC and Midnight Oil, these kinds of songs are timeless, and hats off to the band for giving it some extra pizzazz we rarely see in 2020.

The crispy riffs, guitar solos and soaring bridge could’ve been taken straight out of an 80s rock mixtape. The energy never falters throughout Forever On, and both you and your dad will be headbanging to this one.

All in all, Forever On is a solid track and skinsNbones have the potential to do some super cool stuff in the future. Hopefully we see a longer release from the lads soon, but for now Forever On is available on all good platforms.

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