RevoidCut Me Down (Single)

20th November, 2020
Hard Hitting!

Brisbane melodic metalcore act Revoid may have just released their latest EP Reform & Regret earlier this year, but they’ve already followed up with a heavy new track in Cut Me Down; and an emotionally charged new clip to go with it.

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Metalcore has always been a home for dark and challenging lyrical themes but Cut Me Down dives into depression and suicidal thoughts with a confronting strength, singing a deeply relatable message through a well-polished heavy track.

Blackened hysteria

Speaking about the new song, vocalist Dale Dudeson says he “… wanted the song to really hit home on an issue that is often very hard to talk about, from a perspective that some of us figure out far too late. Depression and suicide are tough things to handle in any capacity. Whether you’re dealing with the issues yourself, or whether you’re the one that’s there for someone that is, it’s so easy to find yourself hopeless and helpless in the times where you need it the most.”

An impressive leap forward for the Brisbane band and a song worth singing.

This latest track has a clear energy and passion behind every line, with the catchy chorus sticking out just as well as the aggressive and energetic screaming verses, with the more metal side of the genre peeking through by way of strong underlying riffs driving the song. The crisp mixing from Mark Williamson at Keywork Audio is a huge part of the song’s impact, with each instrument carrying their own weight under each other, with some minimal yet well placed keys and synths putting the cherry on top of this headbanging new track. Despite the song and accompanying video tackling themes and displaying imagery that may be distressing to many listeners, there’s a ray of hope on the other end, with the track’s film clip ending on the hopeful quote: “Some Storms are best weathered together.”

“I know I’ve felt the way the lyrics describe more often than I’d like, and I know that many other people out there have too. I wrote this song for my own expression, but also for the those who will hear it to scream their lungs out to during a rough time, as I have so often done before, and to let people know that in spite of how things may feel or seem, you are loved,” says Dudeson. An impressive leap forward for the Brisbane band and a song worth singing, Cut Me Down shows that Revoid have got a lot more to say, and if they keep going at this rate, it won’t be long until listeners get to hear what’s next.

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