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RadolescentExcellent People (EP)

22nd July, 2020

Come on. You knew this one was going to be good! Queensland’s Radolescent has returned with an EP that is surf-punk at its finest.

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It’s addictive. It’s punchy. It’s fun, and it’s carefree—just like their past releases have been. Excellent People kicks off with Calling Out, a track that is as exciting to us now as it was a year ago. Dipping their toes into the nostalgia pool, the band has paid tribute to They Might Be Giants’ iconic tune, Boss of Me. Keep an ear out for the last fifteen seconds if you’re a Malcolm in the Middle fan—you’ll be in for a little surprise.

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It’s one of our standouts, as are Couch and Home. But Excellent People’s relentless approach to keeping it loud has meant the remaining tracks are anything but plain. The slick production anchoring the EP is also a real highlight, especially when considering the impact of the global pandemic.

Despite their challenges, Radolescent came, they rocked, and they conquered.

From tracking drums at Blind Boy Studios with Ben Wade of Beddy Rays, to the band working from apartments during state lockdown, to partnering with Greg Reitwyk at Lunchroom Records in Melbourne and engineer Dan Walker in New York, there was a lot of room for things to get lost in translation. But Radolescent has completely quashed any fears, delivering something slick and cohesive. Radolescent has managed to embody sunshine and good vibes here. Excellent People offers up five rad tunes from one rad band. Despite their challenges, Radolescent came, they rocked, and they conquered. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Calling Out, Couch, Home
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