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23rd July, 2021
Next Level!

Marking the groups second release and first under the banner of the UNFD Family, Alias highlights Michigan based metalcore outfit Sleep Waker progressing their sound forward whilst incorporating certain flavours of the 90’s.

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Balancing between 90’s industrial nü metal and hardcore based metalcore melodies, title track Alias perfectly summizes the bands nü metalcore sound.

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Through chug riffs, sombre guitar licks and emotive vocal harmonisations, Alias strips away the almost forced nature of metalcore bands conveying sad themes, instead delivering an honesty and tender account, almost feeling like an open wound that vocalist Hunter Courtright is giving you a glimpse of before he stitches it back up. Tracks such as Skin and Strangers showcase blistering intensity and atmospheric drum fills whilst maintaining intensity that could be compared to the likes of Architects or Memphis May Fire, but also add impressive elements of digitalised programming; adding a slight trip hop flavour that only enhances the extra-terrestrial nature of their breakdowns.

Alias is an exciting release, not only does it highlight Sleep Waker in their most inspiring and progressive era to date, it also debuts many stylings that will grow to dominate future releases from the band.

By allowing Frankie Mish the opportunity to balance between organic and electronically produced percussive breaks, Alias offers up a similar contorting feeling found in 90’s icons like Nine Inch NailsCold Moon further showcases the group’s inventive stylings by adding a heavy shoegaze element, relying purely on the songs built to enhance heaviness. At times, it can be an inclusion that feels like an after-thought, for Sleep Waker, it highlights a promising direction that the group could head in for future releases. Alias is an exciting release, not only does it highlight Sleep Waker in their most inspiring and progressive era to date, it also debuts many stylings that will grow to dominate future releases from the band. Alias is kicking off a completely new start for the group.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Distance, Strangers, Cold Moon
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