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What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th than with brand new tunes from Coffin Carousel?

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Today, the masters of sludgy, spooky good times have spoiled us silly, dropping their third LP, Order of the Bat, whilst also sharing the brand new music video for its title track.We caught up with vocalist/fuzzlord Howard Von Noise to chat about both.

Hysteria: Order of the Bat, what a track! Talk us through it.

Howard: Amid the craziness of the last few years, I wanted a song to go out that reminded people of their inner strength. It was a test for everyone. I wanted to touch on it, but I wanted to remind humanity that we are strong and we will conquer. We’ll make it through all these crazy times.

I had the title and theme of the album worked out a couple of years ago. It took me a couple of years to finish things. I wanted to get back to a primal, natural feel. With lyrics, the sound and the production. Just to be raw and aggressive.

Putting the music video together must’ve been such a blast. Tell us about that experience.

I worked with the director Gareth McGilvray. I’ve done a bunch of videos with him, and this time I went to him with the idea of having the band playing and a chase scene. There’s me turning into this creature chasing down a victim, played by Gillian Winifred. I’ve had her in other clips, and she’s a great actress; it’s inspiring to work with her.

We went out to the Redwood’s in Warburton and spent a couple of hours there. We did the band scenes in the morning at the crack of dawn and then shot some story scenes with Gareth. It came together really well.

We wanted to step up all the elements as far as how heavy it was, trying to push the catchy element and making it more well-rounded.
[Howard Von Noise, Coffin Carousel]

We love that you’re releasing this on Friday the 13th; the Camp Crystal Lake vibes were strong. 

Yeah, Evil Dead, Jason Voorhes and Friday the 13th. That was all the inspiration for sure. 

What can listeners expect to hear on the new record?

It’s the band’s third album. We wanted to step up all the elements as far as how heavy it was, trying to push the catchy element and making it more well-rounded.

The band’s roots are in horror punk. I’ve been a massive stoner-doom fan for years. So I wanted to bring in some of those stoner-doom sounds and metal ones and repackage what the band was already doing. I wanted to give Coffin Carousel a fresh new sound. Vocally, I wanted to push myself into different areas too. I’m stoked with how it all came out.

We heard you worked with Julian Renzo and Alan Douches; what was that experience like?

I’ve played in a band with Julian called Lure the Sun. That was back in 2004, so I’ve known him for years. He was also in a band named Jack the Stripper, and they did a lot of touring through Europe. He’s a really cool guy and knows my music background and where I’ve come from. He knew how to refine what we did on the last album too.

I went to him saying I wanted to push everything on this new album, and he was great. He knew where I wanted to take it. When I started hearing the mixes come through, it was thumbs up all the way.

Alan has done everything I’ve put out with Coffin Carousel. I first met him whilst in my old band, Hatchet Dawn, and he did our album. It was just sonically at that international standard. He’s worked with every band you can think of.  It was a no-brainer to work with him again.

Can our readers catch you at any upcoming gigs?

We’ve got an album launch show on May 27th at Mr Boogieman bar in Melbourne. We’re playing with With Witch and a stoner-doom band called Bong Cleaner. We’re getting back out and finding our feet. I hope we can get out and around Australia down the line.

Purchase and stream here.

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