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PREMIERE: BIRTHDAY RAVEN // Drops Raucous Punk Anthem ‘Sado-Masculine’

Birthday Raven is the gift that just keeps on giving!

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Last year, the Sydneysiders dropped the Solid Block of Nonsense EP, and now they’ve roared back with the hardcore punk rager, Sado-Masculine.

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It’s the first taste of their upcoming, incredibly named EP, Blue Shell the 1%. And in classic Birthday Raven fashion, it’s focused on breakneck melodies and ruthless lyricism, calling out toxic masculinity and those who perpetrate it.

“This song is a continued criticism of anyone who wants to equate masculinity with a selfish demand to be violent to anyone who threatens their leadership, or more accurately, the decisions they make for other people. If you’re going to insist that you’re going to be violent because you’re a man, then you’re going to be called out for that.” says the band’s Ryan Dunne.

“Punk can be violent and can be a power trip for some people, and parts of it has a bad history of being used as a vehicle for this kind of violence. But, as a band, we love how powerful and explicit punk can be; it cuts through. So when the message is supportive, it’s affirming, and if you’ve got the wrong idea when you hear the song, it should make you uncomfortable. Basically, if you think you’ve got a right to be violent for your own male ego, if you want to make excuses, fuck off.”

Since their inception in 2019, Birthday Raven has toured with a stack of Sydney talents, including Idle Threat and Clay J Gladstone. Aside from gigging, they’ve spent their time writing and recording their latest EP, set to drop in August.

Sado-Masculine will officially drop tomorrow.

Catch Birthday Raven at the following dates.

Sunday 26th June // Frankies Pizza // Sydney with Wolfpack, Cream Soda, EbolaGoldFisth
Friday 22nd July // Hiway Enmore Road // Sydney

You can pre-save it now.

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