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Our Last EnemyLong Time Coming

Octane Records
26th March, 2021
Hard Hitting!

Well, isn’t this a fitting song title! Sydney’s industrial metal heavyweights, Our Last Enemy, broke their seven-year drought with a stack of singles last year. Now, they’ve kicked off 2021 with Long Time Coming, and oh man, does it pack a punch.

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Adding a bit of spice to their traditional industrial sound, the track sees the band experiment with gothier elements.

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Fear not if you’re a fan of their back catalogue though, it’s as punishing as ever. This time around, a layered approach is at the front and centre. Brooding guitars meld with delay and reverb. Distorted vocals play against dance-floor ready synths. The result? One dynamic soundscape. We’ve got to give a massive shoutout to frontman Oli Fogwell. Listeners may do a double-take, but trust us, it’s not the tones of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails blasting through your eardrums.

Our Last Enemy are now firing on all cylinders and are the strongest they’ve ever been.

Producing royalty DW Norton and Clayton Segelov worked on the track, adding that extra bit of oomph to what was already a standout performance. The band has described Long Time Coming as a real coming of age moment. Inspired by their own setbacks and self-accountability, the track doesn’t just show off the band in all their experimental glory; it shows their maturity. Taking the time to perfect their craft undoubtedly did the band a world of good. Our Last Enemy are now firing on all cylinders and are the strongest they’ve ever been. Oli Fogwell said it best: as soon as you hit play, you will start a pit!

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