LALCHAND // Unleash New Single ‘Imposter Syndrome’ Featuring James Butler (Slow Talk)

Melbourne’s own heavy solo artist Lalchand is back with his new track Imposter Syndrome.

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He’s collaborated with Thornhill guitarist and songwriter Ethan McCann and includes a stunning vocal feature from James Butler from Slow Talk.

The high energy guitars and smashing drums set the song up to perfectly contrast Butler’s stunning clean melodies. Imposter Syndrome is somehow smooth and comforting, while at the same time super heavy and hard-hitting. The lyrics touch on being an anxious performer and struggling with feelings of doubt and insecurities, although this song is a fair indication that Lalchand deserves to be confident about his capabilities.

Imposter Syndrome shows off everything this group of talented musicians have to offer, with every single instrument making a huge mark.

Imposter Syndrome shows off everything this group of talented musicians have to offer, with every single instrument making a huge mark. The guitars and drums are complex, while being high energy, keeping attention high and allowing the vocalists to mark their mark. This track was inspired by some of Australia’s finest acts like Northlane and Thornhill, as well as U.S rock giants Tremonti.

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The song also comes with a captivating music video, a simple black and white performance. When it’s not focusing on the intricacy of the guitarist’s skills, the focus goes to the creepy, mask-clad figure getting a bit too close and personal. This might be inspired by the lyric ‘I’ve got a gut feeling that, My iron mask is peeling’, referring to the side of his personality that he doesn’t want to show to the world.

Lalchand is the solo project of Jordan Lalchand, who’s played in the band Shepherd (AKA Maker Resonate), and has shared stages with Ocean Grove, Alpha Wolf and The Getaway Plan.

Lalchand’s Imposter Syndrome (Feat. James Butler) is available now.

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