hot reno hysteria
hot reno hysteria

Hot RenoBuddy

30th July, 2020
Lo-fi Grunge

Hot Reno took a cheeky risk when they stepped away from their indie rock roots to explore a heavier, grungier sound that they were passionate about, and that resulted in an EP unlike anything we’ve ever heard from the band before.

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Buddy starts off strong, with lead single Pray setting the scene for what’s to come.

This track has an outstandingly catchy riff while the addition of the cowbell lifts it up and the old school rock nostalgia is super strong. It eases you in before unleashing the relentless guitars and ear-splitting percussion that we’ll continue to hear throughout the record.

It will have you yearning for simpler days of dirty dive bars and live shows.

While F I R E breaks up the album at the midway point, with the band dialing it back a notch and dishing up a reminder of where they came from, the second half of the EP is absolutely unforgiving. Hats off to vocalist Harley Jones for tearing up his poor vocal cords throughout the record, and especially on the short but sweet Shinbreaker. It’s cool how they included two shorter, super heavy tracks (Wilson and Shinbreaker) to break it up a bit, and it kind of makes you feel like you’re at a live show.

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Hot Reno knew what they were doing while they put this together. They said in an interview with Hysteria that the songs were recorded by the band themselves, and them having full creative control paid off and works with this style of music. It will have you yearning for simpler days of dirty dive bars and live shows.

Have a listen to Hot Reno’s Buddy EP out now on all good platforms.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Pray, Suit Yourself, F I R E
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