Grinding Eyes Hysteria
Grinding Eyes Hysteria

Grinding EyesTaste The Monochrome

Poison City/Little Cloud
13th May, 2021
Beautiful & Sinister

Ominous, swirling, atmospheric drone kicks off opener Afterglow before this track rapidly morphs into thrashing, reverbed noise.

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This dark psych-rock outfit from Sydney creates a sound that is an entire immersive universe unto itself and vocals–mostly Sprechgesang in style–are low in the mix, acting more like an extra instrument throughout. Only occasionally do lyrical phrases–“See it rising/‘Til it falls apart now”, “Wanna watch you burn”–jump from the sonic sludge, coaxing listeners to sink deeper into the psychedelic quicksand.

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The musical pedigree on display here is astounding, with Grinding Eyes band members also representing in other outfits such as Treatment, The Laurels, The Holy Soul and Kimono Drag Queens.

Equal parts beautiful and sinister, Taste The Monochrome bursts through speakers in gilded, kaleidoscopic polychrome.

Mono sounds like free-falling into purgatory. A lurching, headbanger’s delight, the instrumental Monochrome features a hopeful, lilting guitar riff that is soon engulfed by fuzz and crashing drums before shimmying its way back up to the surface. Another instrumental track, Focus Ellipsis–a shamanic spell–brings things down a notch before The Taste roars in to redefine heavy. Closer Too Fast For You is the ideal soundtrack for a future chase scene.

There’s always a melodic twist to latch onto within the sonic squall of Grinding Eyes’ second album and powerful drumming regularly pulls focus. Equal parts beautiful and sinister, Taste The Monochrome bursts through speakers in gilded, kaleidoscopic polychrome.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Until It Falls Apart, Monochrome, The Taste
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