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CAPTIVES // 10 Favourite Movie Villains Of All Time

Time to assemble your gig crew! Melbourne’s Captives have announced a tour of the East Coast and Adelaide next April. Trust us; you don’t want to miss out on this one.

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It comes after a two year COVID hiatus and will offer fans the opportunity to hear their new tracks live for the first time since the pandemic struck.

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“The time between our last show in Japan 2020 and the first ones back will be almost two years and two months between drinks. Crazy! It’s kind of nerve-racking but exciting at the same time to think we get to do it all again really soon. Can’t wait to see our fans and friends again,” says vocalist Aaron Damon.

Captives recently signed to booking agency Beats Cartel and will soon release their upcoming album Return to Mars – the very album that sparked this tour news in the first place!

In recent times, the band has supported the likes of The Damned, Pulled Apart By Horses, Cog, Shihad, The Mark of Cain and The Hard Ons. You can catch all upcoming tour dates below – including one massive appearance at Halloween Hysteria.


1. Jaws from James Bond: He’s got the best teeth too. Very sprightly looking lad and barely said a word.

2. Jaws again from the shark movie: Also has great teeth. It took me a long time to swim again after watching that film.

3. Michael Madsen in The Hateful Eight: He Always plays a great bad guy. As Joe Gage in The Hateful Eight, and who could forget Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs.

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister: A television series but it’s got to get a mention. I think from the first episode of Game of Thrones you just really wanted Cersei Lannister to meet her doom.

Yaphette kotto as Dr Kanaga: From Live and Let Die, another James Bond bad guy, but still one of my favs. Here’s something I learned the other day, the scene in Live and Let Die where Bond runs across a bunch of alligators to escape getting eaten, well it turns out it was for real, and the stunt double nearly got eaten. Solid effort.

Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa: from Inglorious Basterds. Possibly some of the best acting you’ll ever see. Just a ruthless character.

Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker: He played a real creepy roll as the Joker. You would also have to say that Heath Ledger also slayed the roll of the Joker in The Dark Knight Batman series. I think it’s fair to say the Joker is an all-time great bad guy at the top of a lot of peoples favourite bad guy lists.

Grace Jones and Christopher Walken: In A View to a Kill. Ok so that’s two people, and its more James Bond, but how good was that fight scene over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Duran Duran Bond song was also on point.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Uma punches pretty hard in this series, she took that Katana Sword and slayed about a hundred people in the fight scene with the crazy 88’, and her yellow jumpsuit is way cool.

Darth Vader from Star Wars: I mean, there’s not many that come close to Darth Vader. What an operator. The guy wanted to take over the world and his voice has been become comedic genius ever since. 

CAPTIVES April 2022 Tour

BRISBANE // Saturday, 2nd April // Halloween Hysteria
SYDNEY // Saturday, 9th April // The Vanguard
ADELAIDE // Saturday, 16th April // Crown and Anchor
MELBOURNE // Saturday, 23rd April // Gasometer Hotel
GOLD COAST // Friday, 29th April // Mo’s Desert Clubhouse

Tickets for all shows are on sale now, with supports released in early 2022.

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