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BODY PRISON // How Discord Calls, Random Introductions And The ‘Blade’ Movies Gave Body Prison A New Lease On Songwriting.

Body Prison have seemingly wasted no time in taking hold of the Melbourne deathcore community.

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Having only released three singles over the span of a few months, the four-piece consisting of members from To The Grave, Zeolite, Suldusk, and Myriad Drone have quickly made a name for themselves, with the group’s lead single Past Life, already finding itself amongst impressive company on Spotify’s ‘Homegrown and Heavy’ Playlist. Not bad for a group who just over a year ago were strangers being introduced to each other on a Discord call.

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Looking back, it’s pretty wild that not too long ago we just met each other and now here we are,” laughs the group’s guitarist Tom Cadden.

With groups like Northlane having famously formed after members reached out to each other via the internet, online introductions are becoming more par the course for the music industry these days, however, it’s not without risk, with many artists struggling to relinquish artistic control to someone that they barely know. For Body Prison, it came naturally, with Cadden expressing the immediate comfortability he found with his new bandmates.

“It’s perfect, we all just get along and just have fun. Obviously, we want to try and push this project as far as we possibly can. But first and foremost, we just want to be able to approach everything with a positive attitude. Nothing’s too hard and nothing’s too much for us, we’re just down to do it.”

We’re not going to be slowing down anytime soon. Especially as we’re very fresh, we just want to get more and more songs out.
[ Tom Cadden ]

A sentiment that seems to hold true, with Cadden being unafraid to shed the ominous deathcore persona conveyed in the group’s music videos to have a laugh whilst discussing the group’s upcoming projects, at one point even responding to the question, “what’s next for Body Prison?with “have you seen Blade?”

“Well, one of the next singles kind of tips its hat to some of those some of the themes in Blade … ever so slightly,” he laughs. 

“It’s not written about the movie, but I was sitting down watching Blade a little while ago and sent a video to the guys then. Then one thing led to another and all of a sudden it snowballed into us filming a Blade inspired music video.”

However, Blade 4 won’t be accompanying any of the three standalone singles that have seen their release, with Cadden instead confirming that the group have already begun writing for a full length album release. When asked how the writing has been shaping up he laughed before expressing that it’s been “interesting.”

“We all like different kinds of music, so we’re trying to just keep all of us happy, but still operate towards a unified sound. It keeps it exciting and fun and means that we don’t really have any genre limitations. We can do what we want without worrying about it being too close or far removed from a certain sound.”

With a tonne of exciting stuff in the works for the rest of the year Cadden unfortunately confirmed that the group won’t be playing any shows in 2022.

“We definitely will be next year, for the rest of this year, we’ve got three more standalone singles that we’re going to be doing videos for. We’re currently in the planning stages of shooting those music videos and are having fun fleshing out some of the ideas and themes to the songs.”

Although, that’s not an indication that Body Prison will be taking it easy for the remainder of 2022, with Cadden stating, “We’re not going to be slowing down anytime soon. Especially as we’re very fresh, we just want to get more and more songs out.”

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