starcrawler hysteria
starcrawler hysteria

StarcrawlerShe Said

Big Machine
16th September, 2022
Certified Bangers!

Starcrawler is a band that continues to flourish.

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With two records under their belt, they’ve toured the globe, even sharing stages with the likes of My Chemical Romance.

With their latest offering, She Said, we’re certain the band will hit even greater heights.She Said is a record that puts a fresh coat of paint on an old faithful sound. Aside from its healthy dose of youthful rebellion, the album also offers up sunset strip rock and roll, new wave and punk elements. There are fuzzier moments mixed in too, like those on the title track, and grittier tones, as seen on RunawayThere’s also anthemic moments, especially in Better Place – a track destined to be the lighters up, sing your lungs out festival favourite. 

Starcrawler has grown into their skin on She Said, easily their strongest record yet.

Starcrawler are at their best operating in this mode. While the record is full of hits, we would’ve loved to see them explore the dreamy energy of Better Place a little more. That said, She Said wins points for its cohesion, something that feels more obvious here than on their past two offerings. As a whole, the record is a celebration of nostalgia and riffs. She Said has got the leather-jacketed swagger down pat too. Slick production and the obvious growth of the band has also set She Said apart – the latter no doubt a result of the notches they’ve added to their touring belt. Starcrawler has grown into their skin on She Said, easily their strongest record yet.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Broken Angels, Runaway, Better Place
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