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Brisbane trio Blussh recently dropped their new EP, Glamour. And you need to check it out.

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The follow-up to 2019’s Shut Up Becky!, and it’s loaded with energy and emotion – the best things about punk rock, really!

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Hysteria: Let’s get the band introduced.

Sophia: I’m Sophia, and I play the drums.

Stacey: I’m Stacey, and I play bass.

Kel: And I’m Kel. I sing and play the guitar.

Congratulations on the release of Glamour. What inspired it? 

Kel: It is very pages from the diary. It’s not a complete package where thematically, everything works as a unit. They’re individual, bite-sized stories. Blue is about having someone you thought was a friend, but they no longer are. Then you’re just sitting in that and piecing everything together.

Then you’ve got something as obvious as Skip The Bleed, which is just an ode to all the women that struggle.

Stacey: Between the three of us, one of us is always on our fucking periods (laughs).

Sophia: Or one of us is skipping it (laughs).

Kel: It’s the frustration of being told to get over it. Fuck that! We also have the song Hitz, which wrote itself. I just sat in my room with the guitar. It came off a few dog weeks where I was going through the wringer, and every story I heard from my friends felt rough too. The track takes a good, hard look at how society is structured and how it hurts you daily. It’s a bit of a hard track lyrically, but it comes across as punchy, and that’s what we wanted. We wanted it to be a sonic metaphor for how it feels – a big bitchslap to the face (laughs).

Fuck It Up is a fun one. We wrote it on the street, coming home from an Amyl and the Sniffers show. We were so charged. Sophia was air-drumming. Stacey was doing air-guitar, and we were having a good time on the streets. We’re shameless (laughs).

Glamour was inspired by a book I was reading. The writer was incredible. She deconstructed the social notions behind glamour. And how that same affliction has spread from ancient to current times.  No matter what the time and place, there’s always this notion of glamour that we’re afflicted by. You can chase it and try to be it, but it might never be enough. You can think you’ve got a hold of it, and the world will change its standard. 

It was a fun song for me. I was sitting on the chord progression for a while. I could hear the melody but couldn’t find the words. It was awesome when I finally found it.

Ultimately, it made us fall in love with Blussh in a different way. It’s something good out of a shit moment.
[ Kel, Blussh ]

How’d you find your approach differed from your past EP?

Kel: We feel like we found our sound, voice and power. I know that sounds cringe.

Sophia: It was very different though. We evolved. We were very fresh into knowing each other on our first EP. I think it was our first year together.

Kel: Not to say our first EP was safe, but we hadn’t learnt enough about each other. We didn’t know how far to push and where to go. Now we have a really strong, unspoken sonic understanding. We’ll get into a room, and I can trust that Soph and Stace will hear things the way I want them to. Or they’ll ever hear them better. Before, I think we were a little more rigid in that sense.

Sophia: We were just babies!

Stacey: The first one was what we thought we wanted to write, and Glamour is just how we felt.

Kel: Yeah. In hindsight, a lot of these tracks came out in the heart of COVID. In a way, we were all holding onto music for dear life. The band was keeping us alive. Even when we couldn’t be face to face, we were still going back and forth with our ideas. We hoped at the other side of it all; we’d be able to play the tracks. Ultimately, it made us fall in love with Blussh in a different way. It’s something good out of a shit moment.

So how’d it come together? 

Kel: We just went in and out of rehearsal rooms when we could. I was sending a lot of demos to the girls, and we’d iron out which ones we wanted to work on when we could be in the same room together. We naturally found the tracks we’d work on versus the ones that were maybe laters. It worked in our favour having that in and out touch base. We could make judgements on what we’d done bit by bit.

That wasn’t something we’d done in the past. We usually had the songs, played them and never really had the time to reflect.

We reckon the EP was made for gigs. Run us through how you felt, finally getting to play some of it live.

Kel: The first time we did Glamour, it felt like a punch in the chest. It was incredible.

Stacey: That’s a different one for us to play live too.

Kel: Yeah, it’s got that push and pull. It’s unexpected for people who’ve seen us in the past. But it’s indicative of the direction we want to take our sound.

Sophia: Blussh has many sides.

Kel: We’re not just one speed. We could be written off for that, but we have more dynamic songs in the pipeline. It’s fun to be all in and charging, but it’s nice to reign it back sometimes too.

Who have you had on constant rotation at the moment?

Stacey: I can answer first (laughs). The girls are sick of me because I will not stop playing the new album from The Chats. It’s on repeat. Every time I get into Sophia’s car, I’m like, why are we not listening to it?  I’ve also been digging WAAX’s new album. And Dune Rats one too. I feel like a lot of albums just dropped. Beddy Rays have one too. I think they’re my top four at the moment.

Kel: I’ve been hooked on Petrol Girls. They recently dropped an awesome album called Baby. The guitar work, the vocals and the lyrical concepts it captures – I have nothing but pure envy! 

Sophia: I’ve been smashing the faithful playlist. L7, Hole, The Distillers – the classics! We love Australian music, though. And we’ve played with so many of our favourite bands in our career. It’s been insane. We got to tour with The Chats last year. So it feels like I’m just listening to a friend’s band when something new comes out. We’ve been so lucky.

What’s next?

Sophia: We’re doing a small tour for Glamour. We’re hitting up Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We can’t wait to do some interstate shows. 

We want to give this release its moment. We’ve done some vinyl too. The next step might be an album, but that’s a future goal.

Stacey: We hope to continue playing with bands we love.

Kel: For us, live shows are the ultimate reward. We have fun, whether it’s two people in a  room or 200.

Purchase and stream here.

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