blussh hysteria
blussh hysteria

BlusshGlamour (EP)

9th September, 2022
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Time travel exists, at least in the form of Blussh’s latest offering, Glamour.

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The five tracker captures the punk and grunge badassery of the 90s, layering chunky riffs, uge basslines and earth-shaking drums. And, of course, the snarling vocals of Kelly S.

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The title track is a clear highlight and proves how malleable the genre can be with its stripped-back verses and fiery chorus. There’s also the all-out aural assault of Fuck It Up (those screams, ooof). And the volcanic Skip The Bleed. And while we have called out the three as our standouts, we‘ve also got to give the Seattle-worthy singalongs of Blue and Hitz, the record’s poppiest tracks, some respect. On the whole, Glamour has a rough-around-the-edges charm while also sounding like the trio chugged a whole bunch of red bulls before making their way into the recording booth.

Blussh has bared their teeth, and it’s made us love them even more.

As good as all of this is, its inclusive, refreshingly open lyrics are the real cherry on top – especially on tracks like Skip The Bleed and Fuck It Up. From periods to deception, desperation and drunkenness, Blussh has bared their teeth, and it’s made us love them even more. Glamour is a record that telegraphs future stardom. It’s cohesive, a little chaotic, and an all-around blast to listen to. With its short run time, it’s also left us fired up for more. Full length soon please, Blussh!

STANDOUT TRACKS: Glamour, Fuck It Up, Skip The Bleed
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