agents of strange hysteria

Agents Of StrangeBeer Crimes (EP)

27th July, 2022
agents of strange hysteria
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Gold Coast punk band Agents Of Strange recently released their debut EP, Beer Crimes.

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Containing members of 90s punk stalwarts Blister and John’s Not Mad the band are influenced by traditional punk and hard rock bands such as Dead Kennedys, Hard-Ons, Motorhead and even possess a touch of some of the beer-soaked relatable humour of the Cosmic Psychos or an older, but possibly not wiser, version of The Chats.

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The first track No Time For It is an absolute belter that sets the tone with a killer performance from the band while sticking up the middle finger – taking aim at normies and “Gold Coast Twits” obsessed with image and loud cars. Every Day is a seriously addictive track that deals with the give and take of beer drinking culture while the laugh out loud line, “I fell over drunk again, how could I be so stupid?” It is clear the band are no strangers to the punk scene and have interesting lyrical themes that are relatable to the ageing punk rocker in all of us. Monday Morning continues the trend of the love/hate relationship with alcohol telling the story of staying up on Sunday night and spending Monday hungover, this cut has a tried-and-true sing-along chorus while Drinking By Myself is potentially the standout track that takes a more serious tone looking at the failure of a relationship and the isolation that many people feel.

The debut EP from Agents Of Strange is solid with interesting relatable themes and a sense of fun throughout.

When asked about the EP’s title, Agents bassist Jimmy (formerly of Blister) explained that beer, like music, has always been a favourite pastime for the group. “Our songs focus on things like the dysfunction that alcohol can bring to our lives, both the good and bad, from getting a social buzz or being in a drunken stupor. We’re philosophical about it, because we are well-aware of the downside and have all lost friends and family to alcoholism and other substance abuse.” The debut EP from Agents Of Strange is solid with interesting relatable themes and a sense of fun throughout.

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