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ADKINS // The Right Side Of Fame

Some might think that the middle of a global pandemic is the wrong time for a new band to break through, but Adkins will argue otherwise.

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The Tassie lads have just unleashed their debut album The Wrong Side Of Fame, blending elements of classic rock, metalcore and even love ballads. “The lockdown was kind of a blessing in disguise,” says frontman Sam Adkins.

“We had a lot of work to do, and not being able to do much else was handy. We had a deadline to get everything ready, so other than going to work and come home we capitalised on getting everything sorted as soon as possible.”

Adkins’ impressive debut touches on some heavy themes, “The Wrong Side Of Fame comes from a line in the third track in the album called All You Take,” explains Adkins.

It relates to the whole album, a lot of the songs touch base on negative emotions but it all comes together.
[ Sam Adkins ]

“It’s quite a political song, being famous for the wrong reasons—leaders making changes or choices that benefit them rather than the people they lead, which then makes them spoken about and famous for the wrong reasons.”

“It relates to the whole album, a lot of the songs touch base on negative emotions but it all comes together. Skyfall is about overcoming mental health, Wish Upon a Scar touches on domestic violence. We dive a little bit into war on our last track, it doesn’t have one meaning but it explores how different people perceive war, whether it be good or bad.”

As for the reaction they’ve gotten so far, Adkins says, “I’ve got a soft spot for our first single we released, Taste. It got really good feedback as soon as we released it. It was the first anybody had heard of us, so it was exciting to see the response.”

Adkins are gunning for shows like the rest of us, but in the meantime they’ll be heading back to the studio to see what they can cook up while everything’s on pause.

“I’m just trying to look at the positives like people learning the songs and the lyrics and are willing to come to the shows when the time comes.”

Adkins’ debut album The Wrong Side Of Fame is available now worldwide.

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