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The HashiDrain Me

12th February, 2021
Certified Banger!

There’s nothing quite like punk rock is there? There’s a reason it’s a fan favourite. It’ll have you screaming your lungs out and finger-pointing to your heart’s content.

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The Hashi may be new kids on the block, but they’re showing off everything great about the genre in their latest track, Drain Me. Aside from embracing the DIY tag, it’s authentic, hard-hitting and catchy as hell. If you’re looking for a no-bullshit approach, you’ll find it here. 

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While many of their contemporaries have embraced a radio-friendly, pop sound, The Hashi has done the opposite. They’ve taken cues from one of the biggest names in the game, Descendents, as well as contemporary faves like Violent Soho and Joyce Manor. This edgier, grungier take on the genre has done them a whole lot of good and will continue to set them apart in a scene that can quite often come off as generic.

Authentic, hard-hitting and catchy as hell. If you’re looking for a no-bullshit approach, you’ll find it here.

For lead vocalist and shredder, Matt Jay, the track was a major source of catharsis. Drain Me digs into his own personal experiences with love. While songs about relationships aren’t necessarily reinventing the wheel, it is exciting to see just how much emotion has seeped into this one. Anyone who’s experienced a bit of heartache will surely find it cathartic too. It seems fitting that the trio’s debut was called Family Jewels because Drain Me is a rough around the edges diamond. With another EP set to drop later this year, we’re predicting The Hashi will have us moving and grooving for months to come. 

FOR FANS OF: Descendents, Violent Soho, Joyce Manor

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