stuck out hysteria
stuck out hysteria

Stuck OutLie Through Your Teeth

Greyscale Records
18th December, 2020
Certified Bangers

QUICK Grab your eyeliner, ripped skinny jeans, dirtiest pair of converse and get ready to head bang! Cause Stuck Out’s new EP is a mind-blowing punk scene kid masterpiece. 

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Vocalist Josh Walker says that “when [the band] approached this EP, [they] wanted to create something that translated into our high energy live performances. This has resulted in an aggressive, powerful yet polished sound.” Lie Through Your Teeth solidifies Stuck Out’s pop punk sound with louder drums and layers of guitars mixed with Josh’s snarly vocals of attitude. Stuck Out deliver a modern pop punk style with attitude and instrumental complexity across four kick ass tracks.

inverted hysteria

Lie Through Your Teeth opens with the screeching grunge guitar intro of Inverse, setting the tone for the whole EP. Instantly, it sounds like Stuck Out, but amplified. The “on and on and on it goes” in the lyrics are easy and melodic for fans to sing and go crazy to when the guitar solo kicks in during that last thirty seconds. Hollow is sort of the dark horse track on this EP, it has a mystic dark vibe because of the calm lyrics and longing guitar notes. This song is on the same shelf as Stuck Out’s previous fan favourite Linger. Hollow has a gothic sense about it, particularly with the emotional lyrics, emo vibe, and instead of piano being present, this song utilises the guitars in a complex way with the drums and lyrics to build up a climax in the track.

Lie Through Your Teeth does not disappoint in any way shape or form.

Lie Through Your Teeth also features the track which all of you would have heard before, that is Mindless featuring the lovely Mikalia Delgado from Yours Truly. This collaboration is so well constructed, Mikaila’s and Josh’s vocals perfectly work together. This song doesn’t sound like a conversational relationship song like Slowly Slowly’s Safety Switch, as there is no back and forth changing of vocals every two lines, it’s just in-your-face pure pop punk! Mindless also trails off at the end with reduced music focussing more on vocals and a singular guitar, this creates a nice touch on the EP, much like how Stand Atlantic’s Hate Me (Sometimes) has that acoustic part at the end. 

Blackened hysteria

This EP is so hard to sit still and listen to, it makes you want to jump around, hell, even jump off the roof (not recommended by Hysteria, please stay safe), it’s a toe-tapping, head banging, slapper of an EP. Lie Through Your Teeth does not disappoint in any way shape or form. Would it be cliche to say that ‘Stuck Out’ are the pop punk music scene? Maybe, but regardless, this young four piece band are for sure huge contenders in the scene.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Inverse, Hollow, Mindless feat. Mikaila Delgado
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