pretty thrills hysteria
pretty thrills hysteria

Pretty ThrillsFlames

18th October, 2019
Certified Banger

Hailing from Sydney, Pretty Thrills have brought three minutes of straight fire with their debut single Flames.

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The track sees the trio dip their toes into the worlds of pop-rock, post-hardcore and electronic, making it clear that scene heavyweights PVRIS, Pierce the Veil and Don Broco were on repeat in the studio. Set on proving themselves to be musical chameleons, the band have experimented with synthy bits, chunky riffs and high-energy drum beats. Frontman Max Donnellan’s vocal delivery is the real cherry on top of the delicious alternative cake though. Soft, ethereal verses make way for choruses with a rough around the edges charm, and it’s a perfect fit for the tracks introspective, dual-sided lyricism.

With a debut single this good, you know their next release will be absolutely killer. More, please!

Written about illicit drug use, Flames uses shades of light and dark to paint a clear, realistic picture of the ups and downs of addiction and the tragedy surrounding it. Moments of ecstasy fade into a crashing high, and Donnellan hammers this message home with the final line, “I’m going down with the flames”.

Forming out of the ashes of a previous act Pretty Thrills, who are Max Donnellan (guitar and lead vocals), Bryce Donnellan (bass and backing vocals) and Josh Bernard (drums), have proven that making tunes is a lot like riding a bike—you never really forget how to nail it. 

Flames is an exciting indication of the stellar talent in the Australian music scene. With a debut single this good, you know their next release will be absolutely killer. More, please!

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