deez nuts hysteria
deez nuts hysteria

Deez NutsYou Got Me Fucked Up

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18th October, 2019

You Got Me Fucked Up: how a lot of Deez Nuts fans will think when they hear they’ve gone their own version of pop.

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Not to say Band of Brothers or Face This On My Own didn’t have their own leanings in that direction but this is a whole other beast. There’s a nice little throwback to each of their previous records on Singalong that OGs will appreciate.

There’s a weird almost pop punk (A Day To Remember? vibe to the title track that’ll come straight out of left field for any hardcore Deez Nuts fan. The chorus riff is pure them though, and the final bridge has a nu-metal 90’s vibes to fall into. This is easily the most eclectic record that Deez Nuts have ever put out. As a personal huge fan of their last record Binge and Purgatory, the melodic riffs are a welcome mainstay.

They aren’t kidding when they say this will be divisive.

They aren’t kidding when they say this will be divisive. There’s going to be one hell of an interesting explanation for why DTDFL4EVA opens with a … trumpet herald? Those who think this will be one of the regular 7 second interludes will be left sorely disappointed. Vocalist JJ Peters singing vocals will be your taste or you’ll spit them right out. Check On Some Shit for a Dregg-ish hardcore bass riff that proves they haven’t totally diverged from their regular programming.

The newer melodic style hits best on Fools Gold that blends crisp cymbal/snare fills with JJ’s patented nyehh vocals. Get A Grip also has a gang vocal ending that shows just what they might accomplish if they push that aspect next record. Love the singles? You’ll love You Got Me Fucked Up. Not a fan? There’s still enough riffage to smash a beer and get rekt too.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Crooked Smile, Get a Grip, Singalong
STCIK THIS NEXT TO: Dregg, Stick To Your Guns, Terror

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