MASSACRE // Sign To Nuclear Blast, Announce New LP

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Nearly four decades in, and Massacre are still going! The Floridian death metal giants have signed with the iconic Nuclear Blast Records and expressed their plans to drop their fourth studio album later this year.

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“I would first like to give my appreciation to Nuclear Blast for signing Massacre. It’s a long-time dream of mine to be a part of the metal family under the NB flag and I am even more so grateful that it’s with my signature band. We have a lot of plans for the future of Massacre, and what a great place to be making such a proper return other than one of the best independent metal labels in the world.” says frontman Kam Lee.

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Bassist Michael Borders adds: “It’s a privilege at this point in our careers to be associated with the big name in metal labels, we did our best to make this a proper Massacre release, an authentic-sounding representation of a band we started over thirty years ago.”

Massacre stepped onto the Southern Florida scene back in the ’80s and cemented their legacy with demos like Aggressive Tyrant (1986), Chamber of Ages (1986) and The Second Coming (1990). They shared their critically acclaimed debut LP, From Beyond, in 1991. 

The upcoming Massacre record will be their first in seven years. It will feature long-time frontman Kam Lee and bassist Mike Borders, and some of the biggest names in the scene like guitarist Rogga Johansson (Paganizer), guitarist Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath), guitarist Scott Fairfax (Memoriam) and drummer Brynjar Helgetun (Crypticus).

“For many of us at Nuclear Blast, Massacre is one of our favourite bands, and instrumental in the formative years of Death Metal and with their debut album alone. It paved the way for many artists to follow. It’s an honour to be working on a brand-new record with Kam Lee on vocals after nearly 30 years!” says Nuclear Blast’s U.S.A. general manager, Gerardo Martinez.

Keep your eyes on Massacre’s socials. Details of their upcoming record will follow soon!

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