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KraveWalk of Atonement (Single)

19th March, 2021
krave hysteria
A Delectable Kraving

Having only been a band for the better part of a year and a half, Krave are still finding their sound within the massive open world setting that is modern day metal music.

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Meaning, it’s no surprise that the Brisbane based three-piece have changed up their approach with each single release.

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The groups newest offering Walk Of Atonement boasts a stadium-rock feel through its epic use of melodies and high pitches and is definitely a step in the right direction for the up and comers (who were recently awarded a grant from the Queensland Government). 

[Walk of Atonement] is a welcome change that’ll have hard rock enthusiasts in awe.

With the soaring highs of the chorus providing an operatic atmosphere, Siana Davis’ voice really stands up as something special, even if she seems like a bit of an Amy Lee (Evanescence) clone. But, her polished vocals intertwined with raw heavy riffs and quick drum fills does give off a distinct comparison; especially to the ‘demo’ days prior to major labels and producers being involved.   

Concluding with a breakdown that relies more on epic melodies and shredding guitar solos as opposed to Drop-D chuggs, Krave continues to highlight just how different they are from the rest of the Australian metal community, it’s a welcome change that’ll have hard rock enthusiasts in awe.

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