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HATEBREED // Discuss Working With Producer Zeuss On Upcoming Album ‘Weight Of The False Self’

Metalcore juggernauts Hatebreed have discussed their partnership with producer and sound mixer Zeuss, with vocalist Jamey Jasta and guitarist Wayne Lozinak describing why they like working with him, and how he has changed the sound of the band.

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“It’s really good to work with someone that you are friends with too” Guitarist Wayne Lozinak says.

“He always makes my guitar sound good, I think it is the best one yet that my guitar sounds extra full and heavy and clear, and to put it all together.”

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Wayne Lozniak said that working with Zuess has allowed him to take his vocals to different places and taking his screaming and growling to different registers, with Zuess being open and enthusiastic about it.

“He’s got that ear for that, not that the other producers that we have worked with didn’t have an ear for what they were going for with us at the time” vocalist Jamey Jasta says.

“He’s used to working with bands in much different style, so it was cool to apply that sort of knowledge for all the different kinds of tones and the production techniques on this record.”

Hatebreed have been making a name for themselves with their brutal and unflinching music since 1994, playing shows with bands like Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom, and Avantasia. Their upcoming release, Weight Of The False Self, marks the 8th release from the band after the success of 2016’s The Concrete Confessional, which tallied 42 million Spotify streams.

The band believe that this release is set to be one of their best yet, with drummer Matt Byrne saying.

“There’s no shortage of beefy riffs and adrenaline-fueled drums on this record. I’m proud to say that we will consistently provide a soundtrack to which you can mosh in your living room and destroy your apartment.”


  1. Instinctive (Slaughterlust)
  2. Let Them All Rot
  3. Set It Right (Start With Yourself)
  4. Weight of The False Self
  5. Cling to Life
  6. A Stroke of Red
  7. Dig Your Way Out
  8. This I Earned
  9. Wings of The Vulture
  10. The Herd Will Scatter
  11. From Gold to Gray
  12. Invoking Dominance

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