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The Hashi is ready to take on the title of your next favourite band.

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The Californian trio came together in 2016, and they’ve continued to toe the line between punk and alt-rock ever since. Fans from all corners of busted up guitar rock from Descendents, Joyce Manor, and Violent Soho will find something to latch on to. Their latest single, Drain Me, is a killer example of this – and it’s sure to put the band on the radar of music fans all around the globe. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Matt Jay to chat all about it.

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Hysteria: How’d The Hashi get started? 

Matt: We started as friends, just jamming for fun. Then I started writing songs, and we just clicked right away. We decided to take this seriously and put out our first EP. Now, we’re in this for the long run.

Drain Me is such a banger. Tell us about how it came together.

Drain Me is personal; it’s about a bad relationship. I was going through a lot of stress, and that comes through in the song. It was also the first song we self-produced. We felt like we could get it done ourselves and still get that epic sound we had on our first EP.

I wanted the listener to feel as though I was talking about them or a bad relationship they went through. I try to make music as genuine as possible. To me, it needs a catchy chorus that gets stuck in your head. I feel we did that with Drain Me. It has an old school Descendents feel. 

Did you go into this track with a different mentality to your debut EP? 

I was nervous on our first EP. I felt a lot of pressure to come out strong, especially since we decided to work with Alex Estrada from Pale Moon Audio. He has worked with amazing bands, like Joyce Manor.  That was enough for me to feel I had to step up and give it my all. At that time, we were still finding our sound too. Drain Me was easier to record. Since we self-produced, I could take my time to get everything right and focus on my voice. The band was able to focus on getting their instruments right. We hope our new EP will be stronger than the first. We are excited for it to come together.

I wanted the listener to feel as though I was talking about them or a bad relationship they went through. I try to make music as genuine as possible.
[ Matt Jay ]

Who are the bands biggest inspirations? 

Our inspiration comes from pioneer bands like Ramones, Social Distortion, Misfits, and Descendents. We also mix in newer bands like Together Pangea, Skegss, and Violent Soho. 

If you had to describe your sound to your grandma, what would you say? 

I would say, “it’s good old rock ‘n’ roll granny. We will get those bones moving.”

What’s in store for the band this year?

We plan on releasing two more singles. Like Drain Me, they will feature on our new EP. It should be out by the end of this year. For 2022, if shows are back to normal, we plan on booking lots. Getting out in the world would be huge for us, and we plan on working extremely hard to do that. We’d love to come out to Australia for shows and festivals. Be on the lookout for The Hashi coming to a city near you!

Purchase and stream The Hashi’s Drain Me here.

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