all good things hysteria
all good things hysteria

All Good ThingsHold On (EP)

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23rd September, 2022
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American rockers All Good Things are certainly familiar with breeding uplifting anthemic rock without ever remaining stagnant. 

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Renowned as much for their vivid fist-pounding odes for the underdogs as they are for their ongoing critical adoration, Los Angeles quintet All Good Things have practically become a cult-like sensation, earning over 81 million streams in the space of 12 months and soundtracking everything from ads for the NHL, WWE and Playstation, to soundtracking down under on ABC News’ 2021 State of the Union broadcast. Hot off an excessively successful 2021 alongside the tumultuous surroundings of the past few years, it was anyone’s guess as to what the quintet would get up to next. But enter Hold On, a brand new EP from All Good Things boasting two new versions of their beloved track Hold On, as well as two extra new sonic treats for good measure.

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Kicking off, the EP’s title track Hold On gets an emphatic makeover with American singer-songwriter Lacey Sturm joining the fan-favourite tune, before the moody B-side Relentless builds into an explosive stomper, complete with a thunderous bridge heavy with razor-sharp riffs and menaced soundscapes. For all the early 2000s kids, All Good Things have also mounted a cover of Destiny’s Child’s 2001 iconic track Survivor on their latest EP, with the stop-start beats perfectly complementing the bombastic All Good Things nature alongside new meaning via the lyrical content as the world emerges from the pandemic. And closing out with a poignant bookend and full circle to its beginnings, the Hold On EP finishes in stirring fashion with a touching acoustic reimagining of the title track, as vocalist Dan Murphy’s beseeching vocal delivery shines against the stripped-back and, at times, orchestral backdrop.

From the buttery harmonics to the sharpened melodics, soaring arrangements and equal restraint, Hold On showcases All Good Things beyond being merely a one trick rock’n’roll pony.

Firmly entrenched in the modern rock zeitgeist for their overarching love of hard rock chaos and meteoric hooks, it’s refreshing to hear and witness All Good Things outside of their established wheelhouse, celebrating the standout ballad Hold On that first appeared on their 2021 full length A Hope In Hell. Clearly these songs hold as much meaning to the band themselves as they do to the fans who have fervently scooped them up and staunchly declared their allegiance in the official All Good Things Army. From the buttery harmonics to the sharpened melodics, soaring arrangements and equal restraint, Hold On showcases All Good Things beyond being merely a one trick rock’n’roll pony. For a band to pull off cinematic rock, acoustic vulnerability and a Destiny’s Child cover all in one go, Hold On triumphs equally in its timely lyrical content, offering anthems of survival for both the band and the world at large when everyone needs it most.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Hold On, Relentless, Survivor
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