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BANKS ARCADE // Announce Brand New EP ‘A Muse’

An enticing continuation of their earlier works, Banks Arcade return with the announcement of a brand new EP, A Muse, due out on June 28 via UNFD.

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Evolving from the darker sides explored on their recent DEATH 2 EP, released in February, A Muse finds the New Zealand-hailing, Melbourne-based quartet shedding the expected and instead flourishing between moments of searing rock, towering hooks, dance beats and fresh explorations into heavy surrounds.

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A deeply personal extension of DEATH 2‘s chaos and sonic metamorphosis, today’s announcement of A Muse is also accompanied by the brand new single Heartstop; a swaggering, guitar-driven breakup anthem balanced with audacious grit and potent gloss, with the track premiering on New Zealand’s #1 rock station The Rock.

“Heartstop is a sassy breakup rock anthem,” the band shares of their latest single. “It’s got a bit of ‘f*** you’ to it, but really it’s just a fun song that was made to make people dance and forget about that asshole that broke their heart.”

Offering a memorable companion to their recent new single Self Help, also taken from the forthcoming A Muse EP, Heartstop readily wears its heart on its sleeve with infectious abandon, with vocalist Joshua O’Donnell powerfully declaring, “I like the way that I move / When I’m not hung up on you” alongside a sauntering chorus backdrop. And it’s this very notion of strength in vulnerability that carries throughout A Muse, from the vehement urgency of opening track Alive through to the moody ferocity of No Future and beyond.

Ruminating on their upcoming new EP, the band share: “A Muse follows on from DEATH 2 in a much more vulnerable way. It covers a lot of personal issues from relationships to internal struggles and in each song I tried to speak with my own voice as much as possible as opposed to the more abstract stuff on DEATH 2.”  

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Via DEATH 2, Banks Arcade didn’t merely build on their previously-established trademark sound; rather, it catapulted their heady blend of hard rock, electronic and metal into an entirely new sonic stratosphere, while also expressing the darkest and heaviest side of the quartet to date.

A band who always wanted to make history, Banks Arcade bring passion and potent execution to their myriad of influences and creative ideas. Formed over a shared love of music with a razor-sharp avant-garde aesthetic, Banks Arcade have always teetered on modernity; a fact displayed firmly on their 2018 debut EP Endnote, its 2020 follow up Fever Dreams, and the group’s head-turning singles Roses and Drown, both of which have gone on to amass well over 2 million individual streams.

Releasing their full-length Future Lovers in 2022, Banks Arcade cemented their future-facing trademark style while also turning heads courtesy of their emphatic soundscapes, searing metal and hip hop additions.

Fresh off the back of releasing DEATH 2 in February, Banks Arcade also supported metalcore titans Northlane nationally alongside ERRA and Landmvrks that same month. And after two years of non-stop touring, Banks Arcade will also hit the road in New Zealand and Australia with a brand new live show this May, with the Death 2 A Muse Tour set to compile the band’s best work to date.

For Banks Arcade in 2024, DEATH 2 was only the beginning. Don’t miss a moment of what happens next.



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banks arcade hysteria

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