goldfinger hysteria
goldfinger hysteria

GoldfingerNever Look Back

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4th December, 2020
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Californian punk rockers Goldfinger have returned with their highly anticipated album Never Look Back. The band are advocates for the pop punk movement and the revitalisation of ska music. 

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Never Look Back consists of twelve punk rock and ska influenced tracks that involve fast guitars, clashing drums and the loud stage presence of jazzy instruments. This album has a very strong surfer dude and skater boy Californian vibe to it, it’s fun and easygoing to listen to. 

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Nothing to Me needs to be, I repeat needs to be, declared the crowd pleaser anthem on this album. Yes, it is the shortest song on the record, just coming in under two minutes, but it definitely packs a punch. The chorus is as follows, ‘So fuck you/and fuck that/I’m not waiting for your comeback/I owe you nothing/You are nothing to me’. Honestly, what crowd could resist chanting “fuck you, and fuck that” at a live show?

It’s nice that Goldfinger have kept their light, cheeky and youthful sound in Never Look Back.

The latest single Wallflower is catchy and monumental in style, much like a Broadway show. The classic coming of age movie The Perks of Being A Wallflower (2012) is also hinted at in the song title and cover art. It’s a nice connection to have Goldfinger pay homage to, and truly feels like the 90s and 2000s kids would appreciate the reference.

Because of the ska influence in Never Look Back, some of the songs that are trumpet heavy such as The Best Life and The City, have an American Pie feel, possibly because of the trumpet-shoved-up-the-ass scene in the movie. Funnily enough, one of Goldfinger’s previous tracks, Vintage Queen did feature on an American Pie Movie Soundtrack.

It’s nice that Goldfinger have kept their light, cheeky and youthful sound in Never Look Back, after being a band together for over twenty years.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Wallflower, Nothing to Me, Dumb
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